Protecting Women’s Preventative Care

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Women’s Preventative Services

What services are covered

The following preventative care services are covered under the current health plan.

  1. Well-Woman Care — An annual wellness visit focused on overall health as well as preventative screenings for various conditions including high blood pressure, diabetes and certain types of cancer. The visit includes a full checkup as well as services like vaccinations, screenings and health counseling.
  2. Cervical Cancer Screening — Screenings work to detect early stages of cervical cancer in women. Diagnostic services are also available. Early detection of cervical cancer increases treatment success rates, and women are advised to get their first screening beginning at age 21.
  3. Breastfeeding Support — Support from a certified Lactation Consultant and counseling from a physician prior to giving birth is a resource available to moms. The cost of breastfeeding supplies, including a breast pump, is also a benefit of the plan. Coverage works in conjunction with each birth.
  4. Gestational Diabetes Testing — Pregnant women between 24-28 weeks of gestation are eligible for a glucose screening to test for gestational diabetes.
  5. Domestic Violence Screening — Screening and counseling for women in domestic violence situations can be performed during any well-woman or general visit with a physician. Providers are certified to screen for interpersonal and domestic violence and refer the patient to a specialist.
  6. STI Counseling — Counseling is available for the treatment and prevention of sexually transmitted diseases.
  7. Contraceptives — One method of birth control is covered per individual and is covered at no out-of-pocket cost. Many different types of contraceptives are offered, including hormonal methods, implanted devices and barrier methods. Plans are not required to provide services related to male reproductive capacity, like a vasectomy.
  8. HIV Screening — Coverage includes screening for human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) in women. This is important for women’s health, as all pregnant women must get tested for HIV. Early screening allows more people to know their status so they can seek consultation and treatment.
  9. Breast Cancer Screening — Mammograms detect the early signs of breast cancer and are a provided benefit under the ACA. Women are generally advised to get a mammogram every 1-2 years after age 40. Colonoscopies are also a covered service for women.

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