What Are Your Wheelchair Options?

Many people are faced with difficulty getting around, even in their own homes.  When this is the case, it is time to consider options to improve the ability to move around, get from one room to another, and to do the things that make their homes the places they want to spend their quality time.  Maybe you have thought about mobility products already, and you have ruled out a cane or walker, knowing your needs may be a little more complex than that. If this is the point you have reached, you may be thinking about your wheelchair options. We have come up with some pros and cons to owning both manual and power wheelchairs.

Let’s start with manual wheelchairs. First off, a manual wheelchair is the simplest option when it comes to a wheelchair choice.  A manual wheelchair is designed for two simple functions, either to be pushed by another person, or self propelled by the rider. There is no electric or gas power source involved. A manual wheelchair is lighter weight than a power chair and easier to transport.

There are specialty position wheelchair bases that include the ability to recline the back rest, tilt the seat, or both. These chairs are not as easy to fold up and place in a vehicle, but are designed to provide longer term seating for the rider, and are still easier to transport than power chairs. One positive that comes with using a manual wheelchair, is that it will require maintenance far less often than a power chair. Another plus, is that there is a level of exercise with a manual chair. As far as cost, a manual wheelchair will always be less expensive than a power chair. However, some disadvantages to manual chairs is the exercise achieved can bring muscle soreness in the shoulders, wrists and elbows.

When it comes to power wheelchairs, there are lots of good things to consider as well. Power chairs are made to go further with the least amount of effort from the rider. When it comes to individualized changes in the power wheelchair, there are definitely more options here than in a manual wheelchair. With a power chair, additions can be made over time that will increase the comfort an ease of maneuverability for any rider. Also the tilt and recline options that come with power chairs are electric options; just press a button and the seat and back support are adjusted to the rider’s preference.

With all these conveniences there does come a higher price, including the cost of the chair itself. A power wheelchair can be pretty expensive considering the needs of the rider. Luckily, Medicare and other insurance plans will cover most, if not all, the cost of a power chair for those whose doctors really think they need it. With that being said, It is more difficult to transport a power chair, sometimes requiring a modification to the rider’s personal vehicle to get it from place to place. Another thing to consider is that a power chair is made to be used indoors, so there are limits to its places of use.

If it is time for you see if about your wheelchair options, please call us at 888-345-1780 or fill out our easy two step qualification form. One of our knowledgeable mobility representatives can help you not only choose a chair, but get the chair paid for by your health insurance. Improve your overall mobility and start enjoying life again!

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