When can I start using a breastpump

When Can I Start Using a Breastpump?

There is no universal rule book when it comes to breastfeeding or using a breastpump.  Each mother will vary when it comes to their wants, needs, and expectations.  A common question among new and expectant mothers is “when can I start using a breastpump?”  Truth is you can start pumping as early as you want, even within an hour after giving birth!!

Now, many of you are saying that is not possible because your milk supply does not come in until around day 4 post-partum, however, the sooner you start pumping, the sooner your milk will come in.  From birth until day 4 it is advised to pump at least 8-10 times every 24 hours; this is how many times each day your baby will be feeding and don’t’ forget,  the more you pump, the more milk you will produce.  Any milk that is expressed during the first 3-5 days is packed with important nutrients and antibodies that are extremely beneficial to newborns.

Breastpumps are especially important if your baby is premature or has special needs that don’t allow you to nurse from birth.  Because you are able to start pumping immediately, even if the beginning only produces drops, your baby will be able to receive immediate benefits.  A general rule of thumb is if you pump at least 8x per day, by the time your baby is 2 weeks old you will be making 25-35 ounces of milk per day!

Remember, each woman differs when it comes to breastfeeding, and breastpumps are not only a convenience factor for women, think working mothers, but they are incredibly beneficial for both mom and baby.  The next time you hear someone ask, “when can I start using a breastpump?” let them know the sooner the better!  There are many great breastpump options for new and expectant mothers so if you have questions regarding which breastpump is right for you or need help deciphering your insurance coverage, we are here to help!  For immediate assistance you can call an Aeroflow breastpump specialist at 844.867.9890 or fill out our Qualify Through Insurance form and we will be in touch.  We look forward to hearing form you!

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