Wheelchairs on Public Transportation

Many patients who use wheelchairs do not drive, and rely on public transportation to get around for day-to-day activities. It is important to know the rules dictated by the Department of Transportation (or DOT) regarding wheelchairs and public transportation so that you or your loved one does not run into any issues. Aeroflow Healthcare believes that patients should be educated on their equipment and rules that may affect their use of the equipment outside of the home.

Aeroflow Healthcare carries a wide selection of manual wheelchairs, power wheelchairs, and power scooters that are offered at a great price. Patients can purchase items as self pay or Aeroflow can work with you to qualify through insurance for your equipment. Most wheelchairs and powered mobility devices will require a prescription on file prior to the delivery of the equipment. If you plan to use your wheelchair on public transportation, follow the DOT guidelines to ensure that you have no trouble.

The Federal Transit Administration considers a wheelchair a mobility aid of three or more wheeled devices, usable indoors, designed or modified for and used by mobility impairments whether operated manually or powered. Some wheelchairs weigh more than 600 pounds when occupied; these overweight chairs are required to be carried by the transportation operator if their lift and vehicle can accommodate them. However, a transportation operator is not required to procure vehicles with lifts that can lift more than 600 pounds. The lifts used must permit inboard and outboard facing of wheelchair users and attendants are required to assist with pushing a wheelchair up a steep ramp, but are not required to assist with manually lifting passengers or carrying personal luggage. An operator cannot refuse to carry a person with a disability because of higher insurance rates and cannot require a person to transfer from a wheelchair into a vehicle seat.

The DOT does not require that a wheelchair have brakes in order to use the transportation service but they can require that a wheelchair be secured. The use of a seat belt is required if the operator mandates the use of a seat belt by all passengers and an operator cannot deny boarding a rider whose wheelchair is difficult to secure.

Aeroflow Healthcare encourages patients to know their rights when it comes to using wheelchairs and to follow regulations that have been created to ensure the highest levels of safety. Contact Aeroflow Healthcare today to get started with your new wheelchair purchase.

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