Wheelchairs at the Beach

It’s March, and many of us have gotten to the point where the beach sounds like a really great getaway from the rainy and snowy, gray days that have settled in. With that being said, it is important to those who use wheelchairs to know that they too can enjoy the beach. We have come up with some ways for people to have their wheelchairs at the beach, either by bringing your own set of wheels or getting some that are beach-customized.

  • First consider whether the beach you plan to visit has wheelchair accessible ramps, boardwalks or trails. These pathways are the most common ways to access the beach on wheels. As a matter of fact, most state owned beaches and National Parks have at least one wheelchair accessible path for you access. The best thing about them is that independent use is encouraged, and does not require any special adaptive equipment.
  • From South Carolina to Hawaii, beach mats are becoming more and more common. These are literally hard, rubber mats placed on the sand all the way to the high tide line, giving those in wheelchairs the ability to navigate down to the water the way anyone else would.
  • Beach wheelchairs can be a fun change when accessing the beach. Unlike your normal wheelchairs at the beach, there is no worry about sand getting into places that later require maintenance.  Beach wheelchairs are made with oversized plastic wheels that are made to travel over the sand.  There is nothing stopping you from getting right into the surf to enjoy the water in one of these wheelchairs.  These chairs come in manual and powered versions, though if you choose a manual one, it is important to remember they require the services of someone else to push.

There are many beaches that offer wheelchair access all over the world, though right here in the US, there are beaches to be enjoyed whether you prefer the paths and trails or to rent a beach wheelchair.  For example, Hilton Head, SC boasts being one of the first in the country to offer beach mat paths.  On the beaches of San Diego, CA, powered beach wheelchairs can be used free of charge.  In Virginia Beach, there is a beachfront boardwalk that allows visitors to enjoy the beach without getting into the sand.  However you picture your beach vacation, make sure to get the most out of it, and enjoy the sand.

If you have further questions about wheelchairs at the beach or your mobility equipment, please contact us at 888-345-1780 or visit us online at

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