Wheelchair Recycling

Many patients find that they only need their wheelchair for a temporary amount of time, or they grow out of their chair and can no longer use it. If you or your child is someone who this has happened to, you may have wondered what to do with your used wheelchair. Most medical supply companies do not take used wheelchairs back because they cannot dispense them to any other patients. Aeroflow Healthcare knows that a wheelchair is a life-changing piece of equipment, and there may be less fortunate individuals who are unable to afford a wheelchair. Consider wheelchair recycling to a charity that will pass it along to someone in need.

Caps of Love was created to help the disabled by wheelchair recycling. It is a charity started by Valerie Mathieu that collects and refurbishes old wheelchairs to donate to individuals who cannot get their own. They have donated dozens of pediatric wheelchairs to families in need.

If you have an old wheelchair that you no longer need, contact Caps of Love to set up a donation. If you are unable to donate to Caps of Love, there are many other organizations that accept wheelchair recycling. Some of the bigger names in wheelchair recycling are Wheels of Mercy, and even Goodwill.

Donating to the charity of your choice will help someone in need, which will make you feel great and tax deduction. If you have a wheelchair that you are not using anymore for any reason, there is no reason not to donate it. If you know someone in your family or neighborhood that could benefit from having a wheelchair, you can give back to your friends or family in need by giving them your old chair.

If you have grown out of your wheelchair, find a great new chair with Aeroflow Healthcare. Aeroflow carries a wide selection of manual wheelchairs, including standard chairs like the Silver Sport 1. They also carry lightweight wheelchairs like the Rebel Lightweight, and even transport chairs like the Travelite Chair in a Bag. Patients have the option of purchasing items as cash pay, or we can help you qualify through insurance for any of your mobility needs.

Contact Aeroflow to select your new manual wheelchair purchase. The knowledgeable staff will work closely with you to find the best mobility equipment to allow you to lead an independent and carefree lifestyle.

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