Wheelchair Accessible Taxi Services

Whether you have a short-term injury or a long-term condition, having impaired mobility does not mean having to give up a lifestyle and hobbies that you love. Investing in a power wheelchair or mobility scooter will keep you out and about in secure, reliable equipment. If you are no longer able to drive, you will find yourself wondering how you will be able to get to and from places and events that you enjoy attending. Many taxi services offer wheelchair accessible vehicles that will allow you to travel safely to the places you love.

Portable Mobility Equipment

While some mobility equipment requires a vehicle lift, many scooters, and power wheelchairs come in a compact design that is easy to fold and store — like the Victory 3-Wheel Scooter. Compact mobility equipment allows you to tow your scooter or power chair, which makes travel much easier. While compact equipment is a great option for many, it will not be sufficient for everyone, depending on their individual mobility needs.

Taxi Services Offered

For those who need more substantial power mobility equipment, a wheelchair accessible taxi service will be there for you when you need to travel. There are many cities that offer wheelchair accessible taxi services, and many of these services are willing to travel to assist those who live in more remote areas. This comprehensive list of wheelchair accessible taxicabs will keep you up to date on wheelchair accessible services in your area such as North Bay Taxi and Wheelchair which offers vehicles with wheelchair lifts in the Northern California area, or A-1 Wheelchair Patient Transport which serves the Charlotte, North Carolina area. If you do not see your local area listed, try contacting local taxi services in your area for further assistance in locating a taxi service that can suit your needs.

Do You Need a Power Wheelchair or Scooter?

If you or a loved one has suffered from impaired mobility, contact Aeroflow Healthcare today to find reliable mobility equipment that will give you peace of mind and independence. Do not let impaired mobility keep you cooped up at home — contact a wheelchair accessible taxi service in your area and get back to visit the places you love to go!

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