What is "pumping and dumping"?

What is “Pumping and Dumping”?

As a newly expecting mother, there are many things you hear that previously you had never been privy to. This new “mom lingo” can bring up many questions; you hear things like ‘pump and dump’ and have no clue what it means. Aeroflow Breastpumps is here to help clear up the confusion behind “pumping and dumping.”

According to an online publication of question and answer exchanges by The Bump, Jeanne Cygnus IBCLC, RLC responds to the inquiry, How Does “pumping And Dumping” Work?, by stating: “When you ‘pump and dump’, you pump breast milk from your breasts and throw it away rather than saving it for baby (usually dumping it down a drain).”  It may be necessary to pump and dump whenever you’ve ingested a consumable considered toxic to baby.  It is best to avoid consumption of alcoholic beverages and caffeine while nursing to ensure your child is not exposed to these toxins.   Remember a child’s immature livers cannot process chemicals like adults.

To expand on this topic further see the citation from Baby Center.  This article outlines the harmful effects alcohol has on babies.  More specifically, if a mother consumes four ounces of wine, a nursing child will consume about 20 percent less breast milk as a result.  Alcohol can also disrupt the baby’s sleeping pattern, and studies show that development is also significantly impeded among breastfeeding children whose mothers consumed as little as one drink daily for the first three months of life.  It is strongly recommended that mothers abstain from alcohol consumption entirely for the first three months of life while nursing.  If an occasional alcoholic beverage is consumed post the three month marker, then it is recommended she pump prior to consumption to avoid disrupting baby’s feeding schedule.

A nursing mother should eat beforehand in order to lower the amount of alcohol in her blood and milk.  To ward off dehydration, she should also drink a glass of water before having that glass of wine.  Finally, time is the only way for alcohol to adequately clear the body.  Some mistakenly believe that pumping and dumping will help expedite the body’s process of riding alcohol from the system, but it doesn’t.  Pumping should merely be practiced to keep the milk supply established, but several hours should pass before resuming regular nursing after one alcoholic beverage is consumed.  Bottom line, alcohol is just not good for breastfeeding mothers as alcohol consumption in any capacity dehydrates the body and disrupts hormones which results in lower milk production altogether.  Talk to your healthcare professional if you have additional dietary questions related to harmful breastmilk secretion.

There are many reasons to establish a milk supply to be used at a later time.  Click here to learn how you can avoid disrupting your commitment to full term breastfeeding through the establishment of a breast milk stash.  Storing breast milk for later use requires the support of a breast pump, and if you’re interested in owning a double electric breast pump, submit your information to Aeroflow Healthcare Breastpumps here to see if you qualify for a breast pump through your insurance policy!

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