What do I do with my old wheelchair or mobility device?

What do I do with my old wheelchair or mobility device?

by Lilith Latini

When insurance considers someone eligible to upgrade their power mobility device, most people take advantage of the opportunity. Deciding what to do with your used power wheel chair or scooter can be big decision. Donation options are widely available and a necessary resource for those who cannot afford to acquire one of these devices.

At Aeroflow, we do not have the facilities to pick up used power chairs and scooters that we did not originally provide. Because different providers utilize different brands and models of power mobility devices, and we are only able to take those that we originally dispensed. The working and usable parts of these old devices that we take back in are repurposed by our technicians for maintenance and repairs.

If you are looking into getting a power wheel chair or scooter through Aeroflow, the opportunity to recycle your device locally is most often facilitated through church organizations. These groups are able to bypass insurance regulations and reach out to their direct community to provide for whoever has the greatest need. Church groups do not gain profit on providing these devices to congregation members. Many of our patients at Aeroflow talk about their inability to go to church due to their mobility, and donating power chairs and scooters to churches are a great way to ensure that someone can still participate in weekly services.

Another option that is widely available is to recycle power wheel chairs or scooters at a donation-based thrift store. Organizations like Good Will or Salvation Army have numerous locations. Aeroflow recommends the locally based efforts of Western Carolina Rescue Ministry Super Thrift Store, whose proceeds goes to services and assistance for the homeless, poor, and addicted in our communities.

Greensboro based home health care group called Angel Hands also is actively accepting donations of any mobility equipment. This includes walkers, canes, lift chairs, as well as power wheel chairs and scooters. They can be contacted at 336-375-8288 to discuss pick-up options. Their chairs are provided at no cost to their fixed and low income patients who desperately need assistance with their mobility.

Insurance provides a great opportunity to continue and maintain having excellent mobility by considering patients qualified to get a new power chair or scooter once every five years. This chance to upgrade to a newer device is also an opportunity to help those who do not have the economic advantage of health insurance coverage.

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