Weight Loss and Erectile Dysfunction

Weight Loss and Erectile Dysfunction

Men who experience erectile dysfunction (ED) may decide to take certain prescription drugs to help overcome this problem.  However, taking a pill such as Levitra is simply a temporary solution. However, this use of pills can become the quick-fix answer some men chose to overcome below average sexual performance thinking the pill provides total recovery from ED. But actually the effects are limited.

Drugs such as Levitra, Cialis and Viagra work by increasing the amount of nitric oxide released in the endothelium (blood vessels). When the surrounding muscles relax, the penis is filled with blood and a successful erection occurs.  If you chose this method, be sure to contact your doctor before using the little blue pill.

But what other options do men besides pills such as Viagra, Cialis and Levitra?

Your safest option is weight loss

Hitting the gym is probably the healthiest way to find relief from ED.  Research shows that obesity and erectile dysfunction are closely linked. Basically, the more weight a man gains, the lower his sexual drive. If you are experiencing a drop in libido, consider your overall health and your Body Mass Index (BMI).  Again, your doctor can help prescribe a common sense, long-term weight loss and exercise plan to help you shed those unwanted pounds and that may help you eliminate erectile dysfunction along with many other health issues that come from extra weight.

Indeed, research shows that poor erections can be directly linked to the health of a man’s overall cardiovascular system. The same blood flow that is needed for an erection is needed by the body to supply the needs of all the organs. Excessive weight reduces libido by affecting the health of his blood vessels. If there are issues with blood circulation then, of course, you can expect issues with erectile dysfunction.

If doctor-prescribed weight loss and exercise fail to solve your erectile dysfunction, talk to your physician about what options are best for you.

You could try a VCD

A VCD or vacuum constriction device uses a vacuuming or pumping action to help reverse ED. Penis pumps are the familiar product associated with these type devices. Penis pumps successfully produce erections by drawing blood into the penis. Despite their high success rate for over 80 percent of users, most men choose a different option possibly because it takes time for the device to work. Another reason may be that they can seem cumbersome.

And while this option is successful for most men, it is still a temporary fix. If you choose this method, consult with your doctor first. It is best to get a prescription and avoid the items purchased from sex shops which are typically novelty items and are not recommended for treatment of ED.

You can purchase a penis pump through patient pay at or see if you Qualify for insurance today.

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