Ways To Prevent Dry Mouth This Winter

By Chass Armstrong

As the weather gets colder and the days get shorter, I’ve noticed that my mouth, nose, and throat get drier. Cold air does not carry nearly as much moisture as warm are and the effects of this can be felt especially if you are using CPAP treatment. Waking up with a dry, parched mouth and a sore throat is not fun at all, so here are some tips that may help reduce mornings with sore throats.

Dry mouth can be caused by a wide array of reasons in conjunction with the cold air. Mask leaks, sleeping with an open, and not properly hydrating are three common problems that can affect your comfort upon waking.
Here are some quick tips that may help prevent this.

1) Find a properly fitting mask. Mask leaks can cause excess air to get into your mask which could cause you to dry out.

2) Get a chinstrap. If you use a nasal mask, but have a tendency to breathe through your mouth, you may want to get a chin strap to help keep your mouth closed when you sleep.

3) Get a CPAP humidifier. A humidifier will moisten the air that is being blown into your tubes so that way it is less dry and abrasive to your mouth, nose and throat.

4) Heated Tubing. Heated tubing is a good way to warm the air that is coming from your machine to your mouth. Warm air has more moister than cold air and is typically easier to breathe.

5) Hydrate. Drinking water before you go to bed can help you stay hydrated and top off your reserve hydration so that you don’t dry out as easily.

If you don’t have heated tubing or a humidifier, please feel free to give us a call we will be more than happy to help you find the right equipment through your insurance at little to no cost. If you don’t have insurance or your deductibles are too high, check out our pay site, we look forward to helping you out!

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