Walkers and Rollators

If you are suffering from mobility limitations or you are recovering from an injury such as total knee or hip replacement surgery, a walker or rollator may be what you’re looking for.  Walkers and rollators offer more balance and stability than traditional canes and crutches, providing you greater safety and increased confidence to perform daily tasks.

Before you are able to qualify for a power mobility device such as a power wheelchair or a power scooter you must first have been prescribed a walker or rollator, or your physician must deem that your mobility limitations require more assistance than a walker or rollator can provide.

Walker and Rollator Benefits

Walkers and rollators come in many different styles and sizes, all boasting unique characteristics aimed at helping you regain your independence.  If you suffer from limited hand dexterity, folding adjustable walkers with a single release will work best for you.  There are also standard walkers, folding adjustable walkers with dual release, wheeled walkers, and folding paddle walkers so regardless of your mobility limitation, there is a walker out there designed to aid your specific mobility needs.

Rollator Features

Rollators are simply rolling walkers; they offer more maneuverability than a walker and allow the user more freedom and independence in and outside the home.  Standard rollators typically come with four wheels, although there are a few three wheel models, and they often fold for convenient transportation and storage.

Standard rollators are usually equipped with a seat and a back rest so it might be surprising they can be as light as 13 lbs and have a 250-pound capacity!  The typical wheel size is 5 or 7 inches but there are larger wheels available. From heavy duty models to eight-inch wheel rollators, hemi-rollators, bariatric rollators, and three-wheeled rollators, there is sure to be a rollator that will fit your mobility needs.

The great thing about walkers and rollators is that you can customize each to fit your lifestyle.  From accessories to assist you such as baskets/trays, cup holder, hooks, flashlights and much more to plenty of features and options such as hand brakes, color options and adjustable seat heights, your walker or rollator will compliment your lifestyle and increase your confidence!

If you suffer from limited mobility and think a walker or rollator is just what you need, we can help! Contact Aeroflow Healthcare at 888-345-1780 to have a mobility specialist walk you through the process of qualifying through insurance, or simply fill out the Qualification form online!  In just a few short steps you will be on your way to regaining your independence and we are excited to help.  We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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