Who is Aeroflow Healthcare?

Founded in 2000 as a regional DME company, Aeroflow has evolved into a dynamic, patient-centric healthcare provider serving the entire U.S. market. Our business is predicated on aligning care decisions with patient preferences, needs, and values. Proprietary technology platforms and systems provide a foundation for Aeroflow’s unique delivery model built around education, choice, and convenience.

Aeroflow focuses on market segments that lend themselves to patient-driven demand for home medical equipment and supplies obtained through insurance. High levels of automation drive efficiencies in customer service, payment processing, and fulfillment.

Growth through acquisition and investment is a critical piece of our overall corporate strategy.

What we look for?

First and foremost, we look for synergistic companies that either complement or expand our core competencies. These businesses typically operate within one or more of our current segments and offer the opportunity for patient growth, market expansion, and operational efficiencies. Aeroflow will also consider companies that operate outside of our primary segments to the extent that they lend themselves to our delivery model.

What does acquisition through Aeroflow offer?

As a private company with meaningful financial resources, Aeroflow has the flexibility to structure transactions that best meet stakeholder objectives. Whether that be a quick path to liquidity or the desire to participate in future growth, we are open to the full spectrum of possibilities. We also strive to address intangible concerns such as cultural fit, employee retention, patient transition, and other integration issues that may arise. Our evaluation process is straightforward and transparent – we’ll explain our methodologies and provide candid feedback.

What to expect?

Aeroflow prides itself on providing quick, candid feedback to our potential partners. We do our best to limit the amount of information necessary for an initial assessment and commit to completing our evaluation within two weeks. Assuming ongoing mutual interest, we then move to issuance of a non-binding letter of intent.

Upon acceptance of the letter of intent, we commence our formal due diligence process, which covers operational, financial, and legal areas of your business. This investigation usually takes four to eight weeks. In order to expedite time to close, we often draft and negotiate definitive agreements concurrent with due diligence. Throughout this process, we also form our post-closing integration plan with management and identify the required resources to ensure a smooth transition.

Acquisition Criteria

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