UStep Walker

UStep Walker

The UStep Walker was designed specifically for neurological conditions, increasing independence and eliminating falls in users.  Leading-edge features such as superior stability, maneuverability, and control, set the UStep Walker apart from other walkers and have helped tens of thousands with neurological conditions.

UStep Walker for Neurological Conditions

If you have the following neurological conditions, a UStep Walker could be the perfect mobility device for your lifestyle.

  • Parkinson Disease
  • Multiple Sclerosis (MS)
  • Ataxia Stroke
  • Brain Injuries
  • Balance Disorders
  • ALS

UStep Walker

The UStep Walker Difference

In-Step Mobility Products Corp., the maker of the UStep Walker, wanted tocreate the best walker on the market.  By paying attention to design details that other walker manufacturers overlook and using only quality components, they were able to create a walker that will hold up well over time.

  • Ergonomically designed and positioned handle bars
    • Reduce stress on the back and joints
    • Encourage an upright position
  • Base of walker is completely welded, not bolted
    • Will not loosed over a period of time
  • U-shaped base is ultra stable
    • Braces you in every direction from falling
  • Main turning wheels are located in the middle of the base instead of the back
    • Yields a turning radius of 29 inches vs. 50 inches
    • Ability to turn in tight indoor areas
  • Advanced control features
    • Reversed braking system and rolling resistance control put you in control

UStep Walker

UStep Advanced Features

Specifically designed to address your walking needs, the UStep features a plethora of advanced features specific to this device and guaranteed to make you feel safe.

  • Reverse braking system – The UStep will not roll until either handbrake is lightly squeezed putting you in total control. Once the handbrake is released the unit will immediately stop.  This feature is specifically helping when standing up from chair or other objects because the walker will not roll away from you.
  • Rolling resistance control – You can adjust the speed of your UStep Walker and unlike other walkers, you will be using a walker that moves at just the right speed.
  • Spring-loaded front wheel – Gliding easily over uneven surfaces, this patented feature avoids sudden jolts and the need to lift the walker over small obstacles.

As if all of that was not enough, the UStep walker is even easily transported! Lightweight at 20 lbs and folds in 2 easy steps, you don’t even have to bend down to put your UStep in the car! For those with Parkinson’s disease, the UStep Walker even has an optional Laser and Sound Cueing Module that will help guide your step and regulate your gait pattern.  The UStep Walker even handles curbs easily so you don’t have to lift the walker!

UStep Walker


If it is not apparent by now, the UStep Walker is an extremely advanced walker available for those with neurological conditions.  If you are interested in the UStep Walker for yourself or a loved one, we can help!  Aeroflow Healthcare specializes in helping patients qualify for mobility equipment through insurance; simply fill out the online qualification form or give us a call at 888-345-1780 and let us qualify you for a free UStep Walker through insurance.  We look forward to helping you regain your independence with the use of a UStep Walker!

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