Used Power Wheelchairs

If you or a loved one has impaired mobility then you know how important getting a great wheelchair is, and how much it can improve your quality of life. You may also know that it can be quite expensive to get exactly what you want from a wheelchair. If you need a wheelchair for more than just a short-term injury, you will find that a power wheelchair or scooter will give you the greatest amount of independence and peace of mind. Choosing to go with a used power wheelchair or scooter will give you great equipment that will last for years to come at a price that you can afford.

Refurbished Mobility Options

Aeroflow Healthcare carries a wide selection of power wheelchairs and scooters in both new and refurbished options. Patients can qualify through insurance for mobility equipment, but with high deductibles a laundry list of qualifications to meet before insurance will approve payment, many mobility patients are choosing to pay for power wheelchairs and scooters out of pocket to save money and to avoid the hassle. The staff at Aeroflow Healthcare will work with you to find great equipment that will help with your mobility needs and fit into your budget. All refurbished equipment sold by Aeroflow Healthcare is in like-new condition and has been tested to ensure that you receive a quality item.

Options for Any Lifestyle

Having impaired mobility should not mean that you have to make payments for the rest of your life to get a great wheelchair. Choosing a refurbished option like the Cobalt Travel Power Wheelchair will provide you with a lightweight and portable power chair at a greatly discounted price. If you are in need of a heavy duty chair that is durable and can hold up to 600 lbs, the refurbished Jazzy 1450 Heavy Duty Power Wheelchair will be a great option for you.

Financing & Free Delivery

When looking for a refurbished chair, keep in mind that once the stock is gone it will likely not be replaced. So if you see a used power wheelchair you love do not delay, contact the knowledgeable staff at Aeroflow Healthcare today to get started. Aeroflow Healthcare offers financing plans as well as free delivery of the equipment directly to your home. Take advantage of this huge sale today and invest in a great power wheelchair or scooter for yourself or a loved one before the stock is sold out.

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“Aeroflow was wonderful when it came to helping us with our wheelchairs and lift-even showed us how to use the lift. We were very thankful for the friendly and knowledgeable service.”
“I was looking for a power wheelchair for my wife. Aeroflow had a great selection and they were very kind and helpful on the phone. Great people to do business with!”
“I recently bought a Go-GoPower Scooter from Aeroflow and couldn't be happier with its mobility and compact design. The chair is amazing and goes anywhere I want. It was a great experience!”
“My doc referred me to Aeroflow when I needed a sleep test, and I went back when I needed a wheelchair. The service was exceptional! Aeroflow really cares about their customers.”