tips for pumping while traveling

Tips For Pumping While Traveling

Traveling and pumping does not have to be a fiasco.  In fact, you can manage just fine away from home as long as you are prepared.  Whether you are traveling for work, going on vacation, or just regularly away from the comfort and convenience of your home, there are many ways to successfully continue pumping.  Will there be preparation involved?  Absolutely! We’ve put together a few tips for pumping while traveling so you will pumping on the go like a champ in no time.

Essentials for pumping while traveling

  • Breastpump – A little self explanatory, however, make sure you have a reliable breastpump to take on the road with you. If you are flying, be sure to tell TSA you have your breastpump with you; some airports will require you to remove the breastpump and others will not so it is best to disclose right away.
  • Breastpump parts and accessories – Don’t forget all of your breastshields, tubing, bottle or bags, lids, battery packs, chargers, etc.
  • Pumping bra – For those times you need to multitask – but then again, when is there a time you aren’t multitasking?!
  • Magic marker – Wondering what you would possibly do with a magic marker? It will come in handy for dating your breast milk bags on those longer trips.
  • Extra parts – Do you find yourself replacing or changing out the breastpump membranes or valves? If so, bring a few with you. Better to be safe than sorry.
  • Dish soap – It is important to wash the breastpump parts that come in direct contact with your breast milk after each use. On the road you might not have access to dish soap, or the soap you prefer to use so it is best to bring your own.
    • If you are flying, remember to pack your dish soap per TSA’s liquid guidelines!
    • Also, it never hurts to bring your own Tupperware container. It can be used as both storage for your breastpump parts and a wash bin.
  • Breastpump cleaning wipes and hand wipes – For those times when you are fast on-the-go, these will come in handy.
  • Nursing cover – If it is time to pump and you are not in a private location you will want to have one of these on hand.

Now that we have covered the essentials for pumping while traveling, there is one more piece to the puzzle.  How are you going to transport your liquid gold back to your little one?

Storing breast milk while traveling

To successfully pull this off you will need a well insulated cooler and ice packs.  If you have access to a fridge/freezer, even better.  However, if your travel itinerary is relatively short, you will be able to pull this off without the use of heavy appliances.

If you are flying you can still travel with icepacks, however they must be frozen to go through TSA.  TSA has to allow pumping moms to pass through security with breast milk, but just like you disclosed you are carrying a breastpump, do the same with your breast milk!  Be aware some airports might make you take your breast milk out for inspection, and others will let you pass through.

tips for pumping while traveling

It is possible to travel and pump and although it takes some preparation, it will all be worth it because your child will continue to reap the benefits of your breast milk.  These tips for pumping while traveling are a good starting point for on-the-go moms and as you travel you will be able to identify other items to add to your arsenal.  Don’t let traveling overrule your desire to breastfeed; it is possible with the use of a great breastpump.  Did you know you could receive a free breastpump through your insurance and the Affordable Care Act? Aeroflow Breastpumps can help!  Fill out our Qualify Through Insurance form and you will be on your way to receiving a new breastpump. For immediate assistance, call 844-867-9890.  We look forward to hearing from you!

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