Tips For Keeping Your Child Healthy This Winter

By Chass Armstrong

As autumn winds its way down, the biting cold of the winter is lurking in the corners to pounce and claim its victims with the flu, colds, and other winter ailments.
Because of the holidays, we know that this can be a very stressful time of year to deal with missing school or work due to illness. This is why we have created a short list of tips that can help keep your child healthy this winter.

Get a Seasonal Flu Shot.

No, the flu shot will not give you the flu, but it can help protect your child from the current seasonal flu. This will keep them healthy, in school, and less likely to get you sick or keep you home from work.

Proper hand washing technique.

With all of the germs and bacteria that children encounter at school and after-school activities, having your children properly wash their hands before meals and after contact with others can help cut down the exposure of germs on their hands to their mouths.

Avoid exposing infants to large groups of people.

Though this may be nearly impossible with holiday shopping, keeping your infants away from large crowds can be a good way to prevent them from getting exposed to germs that they may not be able to handle yet.

Use a water bottle.

Children are messy, and sometimes have little awareness of what they are doing. By bringing a water bottle your kids can avoid touching the water fountain handle, or getting their mouth close to where sick children may have coughed or touched.

Stay on allergy medication.

Not all allergies are seasonal. Some allergies can be year round. Staying on allergy medicines will keep your child from experiencing these allergies which can help keep their immune system focused on more important items.

Sleep well, eat a healthy diet, and stay on schedule.

Both you and your child’s immune system can use all the help that it can get during winter flu and cold season. When children are on winter break still try to keep them on a schedule so that they are getting the recommended sleep that they need. Keeping them on a good diet will help too – which may be overlooked with holiday treats.

Another tip that we can offer is to keep your child on his or her regular asthma routine. The cold weather can restrict their airways even more, so having them use their nebulizer in the morning as part of their routine is a good way to keep them healthy.

If you need a nebulizer, Aeroflow Pediatrics has you covered. You can reach at (888) 345-1780, or you can fill out our qualify through insurance form. We look forward to hearing from you and we know that we can help you find the right nebulizer or nebulizer medication for your child!

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