Theo and Beau

Theo and Beau: A Naptime Love Story

We just love seeing cute photos or videos of babies and dogs.  Their innocence and acceptance allows them ability to form tight bonds that will last a lifetime.  Watching this progression is truly one of the most adorable things you will witness and one that is undeniable is the bond between Theo and Beau.  For those who are not familiar, Theo and Beau are a product of Jessica Shyba’s Instagram account.  She began posting photos of her adorable 23-month-old son, Beau, napping with the family’s new rescue puppy, Theo.  It only took about a week for national news programs to catch on and break the story to the whole country and the rest is history.

Each day Jessica posts photos of Theo and Beau napping together and trust us when we say they are some of the most heartwarming photos you’ve ever seen.

Theo and Beau Theo and Beau Theo and Beau Theo and Beau

Jessica details Theo and Beau’s relationship on her blog, Momma’s Gone City, as the “most organic and beautiful friendship” she has ever witnessed.  Theo was adopted at 7 weeks old and although there was some question as to how Theo would integrate with the family of 5, Theo passed with flying colors.  Theo always wanted to be on or near a human, especially Beau; their connection was evident early on.  Theo even jumped into Beau’s lap at the animal shelter while they were there looking for a puppy.

On the third day with the Shyba family, Theo fell asleep on Beau as Jessica rocked him down for his afternoon nap.   On the fourth day, Theo met Beau and Jessica upstairs to join in on the daily naptime ritual.   Each day after that, Theo patiently waits for Beau to fall asleep and joins him, entwined for at least two hours.

It has since been almost a year since the first photos of Theo and Beau were posted and they still nap together to this day, among other things…

Theo and Beau

The Shyba family has since welcomed a new baby girl, Evangeline, into the family and we cannot wait to see the bond Theo forms with their newest addition.  Stay tuned…



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