The Importance of REM Sleep

How well are you sleeping? We all know the importance of getting adequate rest, but you may not be sleeping as well as you think.   The time you spend asleep could be adequate, but if you are being deprived of REM sleep, some concerns can begin to develop. The body depends on periods of deep sleep to recharge not only our physical needs but for mental refreshing as well. If you have been sleeping well, you may take it for granted, but after learning some interesting facts, you may have a new perspective.

What Exactly Happens When We Sleep?

Particularly, the brain has been studied at length to investigate the science of sleep and the mystery of dreams. The body goes into four phases of sleep before it goes into REM or Rapid Eye Movement. Each phase is deeper than the one prior to and once REM is reached, the cycle resets and progresses again. The average cycle lasts ninety minutes and occurs five times per night. This is an ideal sleep cycle, but what happens when a condition such as sleep apnea is negatively affecting your rest?

REM Sleep

During REM, the eyes begin to move rapidly and this is generally the time where we have the most vivid dreams. The limbs become temporarily paralyzed, breathing patterns change, and blood pressure increases. If you have to deprive yourself of REM or deep sleep, the body will try and “catch up” as you can literally incur a “sleep debt.”

A poor sleep cycle can result in daytime fatigue, which affects our mood and ability to perform tasks. It should also be noted that sleep deprivation in extreme cases can impair someone just as much if not more than alcohol. Sleep apnea can affect your ability to reach deep sleep and deprive your body of much-needed quality rest. This over time can lead to greater health concerns such as a weakened immune system. There are also mental health aspects to consider as well.

Do you find yourself nodding off during the day? You could have sleep apnea that has yet to be diagnosed. “You can put a price on good sleep” is a common phrase you commonly hear from people and at Aeroflow we are ready to make sure you will get the rest you need and at a cost affordable to you. We even offer free initial testing for sleep quality in the comfort of your home.

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