Cheyanne The Hospital Princess Shares Her Epic Battles

Cheyanne documents her life with chronic illnesses like Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, Mast Cell Disease, a rare muscle disorder, and digestive tract paralysis. Her mission is to use her experience to provide a source of awareness, support, and fun for others facing chronic illnesses.

Cheyanne The Hospital Princess

The incessant beeping from IV pumps echoed throughout the room. For eight months in 2015 and 2016, I was confined between the same four pallid hospital walls. Nursing shift changes dictated my mornings and nights. I no longer awoke for a midnight snack, but for 4 AM meetings with phlebotomy instead. I learned to find comfort in that routine—almost to the point where those sights and sound brought a semblance of comfort.

Thinking back to that time is unfortunate, as nobody should grow so accustomed to life in the hospital. It was during that admission I realized the value of healthcare companies like Aeroflow who seek to make the transition from the hospital to home easier.

At Aeroflow Healthcare our mission is to provide you with innovative home healthcare solutions that allow you to spend more time in your home while lowering healthcare costs and improving your quality of life. We do this while settling for nothing less than exceptional customer service.

Living with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (EDS)

I was born with a genetic condition called Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (EDS). Ehlers Danlos Syndrome is an inherited connective tissue disorder caused by a defect in one of the collagen genes. Collagen forms 80 percent of the human body. Due to faulty collagen, my skin is loose and stretchy, my tendons and ligaments cannot hold my joints in place leading to painful dislocations, and my gastrointestinal tract does not contract to move food and natural stomach secretions.

Girl with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (EDS)

With collagen so extensively comprising the human body, it impacts my body on a cellular level. As a result, I developed a secondary condition known as Mast Cell Activation Syndrome. Mast cells are a type of immune cell prominent in areas of connective tissue. They release chemical mediators in response to a threat such as an allergen, infection, and healing injuries. My mast cells are on the fritz because of Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. They perceive a threat even when there is not one. Thus, I began having severe allergic reactions triggered by all foods, perfumes, lotions, cleaning chemicals, temperature changes, exercise, and more.

Headed Home after an 8 Months in the Hospital

Uncontrollable anaphylactic reactions are what kept me inpatient for so long. The specialists worked hard to stabilize my condition to send me home safely. As I was discharged that day, I felt as if I had brought part of the hospital with me. The central line in my chest served to administer daily intravenous medications, and the feeding tube implanted in my abdomen delivered formula direction into my small intestine for my nutrition. I grabbed the wheels to my wheelchair in preparation for my great escape.

I rolled through the front door of my house for the first time in months. The moment was surreal. Fiddling with my oxygen cannula provided by Aeroflow, I smiled. My quality of life has drastically improved since being out of the hospital. There is immense comfort in knowing Aeroflow offers the care I need to remain home with my friends and family.

Not Just a Patient

girl with portable oxygen concentratorI do not live fearing the dark cloud of never-ending hospital stays that used to hover over my head. Aeroflow has taken away some of that uncertainty. Although I am still connected to miscellaneous tubes and lines, I lead a life outside of those four pallid hospital walls. I can be a real person and not solely a patient. For that, I am forever grateful to Aeroflow.

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