The Benefits of Instantly Ready SpeediCath Catheters from Coloplast

If you have trouble emptying your bladder — whether it’s due to a chronic illness or a traumatic event that requires surgery — your doctor may recommend that you use a catheter to help you urinate. While every person has different preferences, the SpeediCath catheter from Coloplast is a great option for people who need a reliable, easy-to-use catheter.

Common complaints about catheters

A catheter is a hollow, flexible tube that collects urine from the bladder and flows out into a drainage bag. The consequence of not being able to empty the bladder is that urine can build up and place pressure on the kidneys, which can lead to kidney failure and permanent kidney damage. When used properly, a catheter helps empty the bladder quickly to avoid kidney damage.

Improper use of a catheter can lead to serious infections including a urinary tract infection (UTI). Some of the symptoms of a UTI can include fever, chills, headache, bad-smelling urine, lower back pain, etc. More serious complications from the improper use of a catheter can include bladder stones, blood in the urine, injury to the urethra, kidney damage or infection of the urinary tract, kidneys or blood.

What makes SpeediCath different from other catheters?

Speedicath was the first instantly ready to use catheter on the market. Other companies have followed suit since then, creating single-use catheters modeled after Coloplast Speedicath. What makes SpeediCath catheters so special is that they are able to be used right out of the packaging without the addition of any water or lubrication. This greatly reduces the occurrence of dangerous infections. The coating surrounding the polished eyelets also greatly reduces the risk of damage to the urethra.

There are 3 key benefits of utilizing the SpeediCath catheter that you won’t find in any other brands of catheters.

  1. Base coating. Much like painting a wall, the base coat ensures that the top coat is placed on evenly and uniform. This will help to make sure that inserting and removing the catheter is a smooth process.
  2. Top coating. The top coating ensures that there is an optimal level of water absorption. This makes the surface super smooth, minimizing any friction that may occur with other brands when inserted into the urethra.
  3. Saline solution. SpeediCath catheters are stored in a saline solution, making sure that the catheter is properly hydrated. This eliminates the need for additional lubricants.

SpeediCath catheters are both convenient and super simple to use. Furthermore, they are PVC and phthalate free, making them more environmentally friendly than other catheter brands. You can find sizes that fit men and women as well as a compact version.

See if SpeediCath Catheters are the solution you’re looking for!

If you use a catheter for your urinary health on a regular basis, then you may want to give SpeediCath catheters a try. The convenience of not having to use water or lubricant means that you will have a reduced risk of exposure to infections that can damage your kidneys. That means that they can be easily used at home, at work, or while away on an extended trip.

Coloplast SpeediCath catheters can be bought from Aeroflow’s online store in a box of 20 for your convenience. You can also sign up for monthly shipments of catheters straight to your door, completely worry-free!

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