Taking Care of your Power Wheelchair During Summer Weather

If you have a power wheelchair it is suggested that you read or have someone read for you the owner’s manual. This way you will be reminded of the available features and also become introduced to precautions to consider during use. Be sure upon setup and delivery of your power wheelchair these things are explained to you.

Your wheelchair becomes a tool of convenience and also independence; allowing you to complete daily tasks as normal. However, if the chair breaks or becomes inoperative the opposite can occur. It can become a hassle to operate properly, an inconvenience to your daily living and at worst put you in danger. The best way to keep it operating properly is to educate yourself on how it should operate and how to take care of minor issues before they escalate into larger ones.

This chair is yours. You operate it and you own it and you will often be the first person to recognize when something is wrong with it. Knowing how to keep your equipment running during the more active summer months is another way of doing that. This blog will briefly list a few things you can do to keep your chair running smoothly.

  1. Read the owner’s manual. This is extremely important. There is lots of information available in the owner’s manual to help you understand your chair much better.
  2. Keep your chair clean. This will help prevent infections from dirt, mildew, bacteria and other debris but will also make it easier for a repair or maintenance technician to identify a problem when or if one occurs.
  3. Keep moving parts free of anything that could parts to become entangled (wires, cords, ropes, string, etc).
  4. This concerns more cleaning but make sure any electrical connections are free of debris and are not corroded.
  5. Keep your battery charged. It will last longer if it stays charged.
  6. Know what type batter your chair has. If it is a wet battery you must be sure to add distilled water to it about every two months. Keep track on the water level in the battery. If the water level falls below the level of the battery plates you can cause permanent damage to it. A gel battery never needs water however, only last about 10 – 20% as long as the water batteries.
  7. Be to avoid as much dirt, sand and gravel as possible while in your power wheelchair. This will cause additional wear and tear on your tires, which can cause the warranty to be at risk of defaulting.
  8. Avoid riding your power wheelchair in or through water. Your chair is an electric piece of equipment. Water can damage how your chair operates if it seeps inside any outlets or controls.
  9. Avoid direct sunlight in your chair. Your chair is made of metal and plastic. It will not take long for your chair to become extremely hot fairly fast while in direct sunlight. It may also be a good idea to wear gloves and cover any part of your body that is in contact with the chair. This will help prevent burns.
  10. If you are on the go and in direct sunlight make sure and take water with you. Hydration is a must during these summer months.
  11. Take sunscreen. It’s not as easy to just find a shady area while in a power wheelchair. For this reason, it’s important to make sure your skin is protected while in the heat.
  12. Do not stay in the heat too long. Prolonged exposure to the heat can cause sunstroke and heatstroke.

For more information concerning your mobility needs feel free to contact us at 888-345-1780.

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