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One thing we all know about CPAP therapy is how difficult it is to become accustomed to it.  CPAP stands for continuous positive airway pressure and it is the most recommended therapy for sleep apnea.  It consists of a machine with a mask that forces air into the airway of a sleep apnea sufferer while he or she sleeps.  Many aspects of this therapy are so new and unknown or unclear to patients that 50% of CPAP patients fail to become compliant their first time around.  Becoming compliant means to use the machine up to 70% of the time you are sleeping, usually equaling 4 hours a night at least 5 nights a week.  Compliance is necessary not only to become accustomed to CPAP therapy, but it is the only way your insurance company knows you are using the machine, and only then will they make their contributions to your care for sleep apnea.  To those beginning CPAP therapy, this 70% can seem like an insurmountable goal.

Because there is so much to learn about sleep apnea and CPAP therapy, it is vital to the patient to have a trusted network of resources to help in compliance success.  The first thing a patient needs is a sleep specialist who can answer any questions they have about their medical condition, then a reputable DME (durable medical equipment company) for supplies and any necessary repairs.  Lastly, the patient needs a source for support.  So many times, others in the same situation can really make things easier based on what they have learned through their valuable resources and even trial and error.

Sometimes all you need is a place to start.  Here are some resources I found online while doing a little research.  If you look online, it can be as simple as searching “CPAP Support.”  I found the website for the American Sleep Apnea Association’s A.W.A.K.E. (Alert, Well, and Keeping Energetic) support groups. Enter  A window will open up with a map of the US.  Click on your state and you will be given all of the locations for these support groups in your state.  There are also online sources like who are available for you to post your concerns and others in your situation will respond.  Registration and membership with this site is free.

No matter how frustrated you may be with CPAP therapy, it is saving your life every time you use your machine. Making the process easier on yourself is the best thing you can do to get through the difficult time in the beginning, and all it requires is a little research.  Also remember, if you have any questions on how to get started, you can always speak with a knowledgeable staff member here at!

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