Sleep Monitoring Safety Precautions

Newborn Sleep Precautions

Sleep apnea monitoring is a tool for diagnosing a range of potential respiratory or cardiac issues in your newborn. Frequently doctors will recommend the use of an apnea monitor for infants showing any signs of such health issues. While this monitoring can be extremely effective, it is vital to remain consistent in following the below safety precautions for best results.

Place the monitor in a safe place.

The monitor should be placed on a dresser or table. It should not be placed on the floor or anywhere that it could be potentially knocked down or bumped. Keep children and pets away from the monitor at all times. Also, keep them away from the newborn when using the machine. Be aware that radio signals could potentially interfere with the monitor. Thus, it is vital that the infant’s bed and monitor is placed in an interference-free location.

Be sure that newborn is sleeping in his or her own bed.

When using an apnea monitor, it is vital that no parent, child or pet sleeps with your newborn. Any movements could prevent the monitor from functioning properly.

Check the monitor daily before use.

Perform a self-test to ensure that the monitor’s alarm is working. After confirming that it is functioning properly, check to see if you can hear it from other rooms in your house. If you are unable to do so, immediately request a remote alarm from your healthcare provider.

Check the monitor daily during use.

After setting your newborn up with monitor, recognize the keys to successful monitoring. The “breath” light should flash each time your baby takes a breath. If it flashes when your baby moves, don’t be alarmed. When your newborn has calmed down and is relaxed, you should see that the monitor is working correctly. If the light does not flash with each breath and you have setup your monitor correctly, contact your healthcare provider.

Recognize that monitors are not perfect.

As with most types of technology and tests, apnea monitors are not perfect. So, when an alarm is sounded, remain calm. The alarm could be caused from your newborn’s movement. Also, be aware that some apneas will be missed by the monitor. The monitor is not perfect but overall is a very effective tool.

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