Sleep Apnea Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about sleep apnea, CPAP machines, CPAP supplies, and CPAP masks.

How can I get a new CPAP machine?

Most insurance companies, Medicare, and Medicaid will cover the cost of a new CPAP machines if your current machine is over 5 years old. Start the process to get a new CPAP machine.

I need help with my mask fit or have questions about my CPAP supplies. Who can I call?

An Aeroflow Healthcare clinician is happy to personally assist with mask fittings and consultations. You can also call us at 888-973-0279 with questions about your supplies.

How do I obtain my nebulizer medication using Medicaid or my private insurance provider?

Simply complete the Qualify Through Insurance form and we will contact your insurance provider to determine your personal coverage. We will then contact you before moving forward.

If I haven’t met my insurance deductible yet, will I have to pay out of pocket?

For patients with high deductibles, we offer a self-pay service through You can order any supplies through this website until you reach your deductible, and then Aeroflow can help you work with your insurance company until your deductible resets.

How do I sign up for automatic delivery of my needed supplies?

Aeroflow Healthcare can work with your insurance company to deliver your CPAP supplies straight to your door. Fill out this quick form, and we can contact you with details about ordering your supplies.

How often should I replace my CPAP Supplies?

Aeroflow Healthcare can ensure that your CPAP supplies are delivered to your door in compliance with recommended replacement schedules.

  • Every 6 months: Replace headgear, chinstraps, non-disposable filters, and humidifier water chambers.
  • Every 3 months: Replace masks and tubing.
  • Every month: Replace full-face mask cushions
  • Every 2 weeks: Replace cushions, pillows, and disposable filters.

Do I need a prescription?

To be initially set up with a CPAP machine and mask, a prescription is needed. For patients already on CPAP therapy, depending on how long ago your sleep study was performed and what supplies you need, we may need a prescription from your doctor to order new supplies. Give us a call, and we can assess your situation.

I already have a CPAP machine but need new supplies. How can I order?

Aeroflow Healthcare will work with your insurance company to obtain the correct CPAP supplies. We have a dedicated staff of professionals who work with patients to get the exact equipment they need. Click here to get your CPAP supplies through Aeroflow Healthcare.

I think I need a CPAP machine. Can Aeroflow perform my sleep study?

Aeroflow Healthcare offers in-home sleep testing devices that many people find are more convenient than going to a sleep lab. The test can be sent to your home with instructions for use and only requires one night of data. After we receive the sleep test device back in the mail, we will call you with your test results and if necessary, arrange for a sleep clinician to help set up your CPAP equipment.

How do I know if I have sleep apnea?

Sleep apnea is a potentially-serious sleep condition typically seen in individuals who snore loudly, gasp for air during sleep and wake up with a sore/dry throat. Side effects of sleep apnea can be dangerous, and adhering to CPAP therapy is an effective way to treat the condition. However, the only way to diagnose sleep apnea is with a sleep study.


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