CPAP Supplies from Aeroflow Healthcare

In addition to a CPAP machine and mask, patients will need CPAP supplies such as tubing, headgear, mask pillows or cushions, humidifier chambers and CPAP machine filters. These CPAP supplies are vital to achieving optimal sleep hygiene and comfort during CPAP therapy.

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Although the type of CPAP supplies for each patient needs will depend on their brand of machine and mask, the replacement interval for each type of supplies is the same. Replacing CPAP supplies at their scheduled times will ensure they remain free of bacteria build-up and help the patient adhere to compliance standards.

Recommended CPAP Resupply Schedule

CPAP supplies are made to be disposable and are manufactured with replacement schedules in mind, with the proven medical reasoning behind the industry standard replacement guidelines. Cleaning supplies daily can help them last their longest and decrease the likelihood of bacteria forming, but adhering to a resupply schedule is vital to comfortable and successful CPAP therapy.

CPAP Replacement Reference Time Frame
Disposable Filters Twice a Month
Nasal Cushion Pillows Twice a Month
Full Face Cushions Once a Month
Oral, Nasal, Nasal Pillows, Full Face Masks Once Every 3 Months
Tubing Once Every 3 Months
Headgear and Chinstraps Once Every 6 Months
Non-Disposable Filters Once Every 6 Months
Humidifer Chamber Once Every 6 Months
CPAP Machine Once Every 5 Years

Aeroflow Healthcare works with patients and their insurance companies or Medicare to provide replacement CPAP supplies according to the standard replacement schedule. Adhering to the recommended cpap resupply schedule is the best way to ensure optimal CPAP treatment comfort and success.

Patients will determine how they would like to receive their resupply notice (e-mail, phone, mail), and upon confirmation,  Aeroflow Healthcare will ship replacement supplies straight to the patient’s home.

For patients without insurance or with high-deductible plans, Aeroflow Healthcare provides a cash-pay service through

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