Signs You May Need A Knee Brace

Knee braces offer the chance for patients to continue walking without pain due to various joint injuries. If you are considering a knee brace, talking with your doctor about your symptoms can help you decide if a knee brace is the right course of treatment.

Treat pain & heal injuries

When you are experiencing knee pain, take the time to examine how you feel. Clicking, popping, or other noises when you bend your leg can indicate swelling in the surrounding connective tissue. These issues can be adjusted with the frequent use of a knee brace in many cases.

A knee brace can help with the swelling by providing consistent compression and stabilization to the joint to minimize irritation. Overuse injuries that result from playing sports or a job that requires you to stay on your feet can be greatly helped with stabilization from a brace.

If you are limping, are unable to fully straighten your leg, or you feel instability while placing weight on your injured leg, physical therapy and a knee brace may be necessary  A knee brace limits the amount of stress that is applied to your joint while walking,which can provide comfort. However, if the brace is worn all the time it can lead to the muscles atrophying.

Stay active

If your doctor recommends physical therapy, exercising the injury can help heal the joint while you are also wearing a knee brace to facilitate rest throughout the rest of the day. If you are experiencing sharp pains in the knee at a specific point while flexing your leg, there may be a serious injury that requires a doctor’s further attention. Always remember to take careful note of your symptoms and be aware of any changes in your condition while wearing your brace.

Knee braces through insurance

Knee braces require a prescription, which can be written by your doctor. Aeroflow Bracing can help you find the best brace to suit your injury to keep you on your feet. All you need to do to get started is fill out our Qualify through Insurance form to see if you are eligible for a free brace through your insurance. From there, we will verify your benefits and get all the necessary paperwork taken care of. Within a short time, your brace will be on its way to your door! If your insurance doesn’t cover a knee brace, buy knee braces at a discount price. Shop Now!

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