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Cure Medical

Cure Medical

Since 2008, Cure Medical has become a leading provider of safe and comfortable catheters. Cure catheters are made with high quality materials free of DEHP, BPA and Natural Rubber Latex. These materials have known carcinogens and are present in most PVC catheters. Patients can be assured that their catheters keep them safe and healthy when using the Cure brand. Even more, all catheters have smooth, fire polished eyelets to prevent urethral damage during catheterization. Cure Medical is a trusted source for a variety of patient catheterization needs: they supply pre-lubricated, intermittent, straight and coude tip catheters.

Cure Medical commits 10% of net income to spinal cord research. With every Cure catheter purchase, researchers come closer to finding solutions and cures to spinal cord injuries.

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