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Core Products International

Core Products International

“These products are engineered and designed to exceed the needs of people who are suffering from pain and discomfort. In fact, our purpose and passion are to make YOUR life more comfortable.”

Since 1988, Core Products International has provided top-quality pillows, OTC electrotherapy units, temperature therapy products, orthopedic supports and braces, massage products and more to consumers. Core Products International started with a simple idea to create a comfortable spinal support pillow. Since then, the company has continued to develop products that are therapeutically effective, easy to use and comfortable.

Aeroflow Healthcare offers numerous Core products for a variety of needs. The lumbar support for seated positions can be used in cars or in any chair. These supports include a positioning strap to secure it in place on the seat, a contoured design for support and different fabrics to fit your personal style.

We also provide cervical pillows in different sizes, shapes and firmness to accommodate for various injuries, pains and needs. Wrist, ankle and back braces are also offered to assist people with ailments such as Carpal Tunnel, sprains, arthritis and more. Women can also find their maternity support needs with Core products. Aeroflow offers three styles of maternity support products: The Maternity Support Belt, the Baby Hugger Single and the Better Binder Postpartum Support.

Through innovative design and production all completed in the US and Canada, Core Products International has successfully developed products that relieve pain and help people regain their active, everyday lifestyles.

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