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“Deeply private and personal medical conditions are our focus. Our passion to make a real difference to people’s lives is what drives and unites us. Our culture supports high ambitions, and releases the full potential of our own people to achieve them.”

Elise Sørensen developed an ostomy bag with an adhesive ring in 1954 after her sister was left embarrassed and house-bound following an ostomy operation. Sørensen’s innovation helped thousands of others in similar situations to her sister regain their confidence and freedom. Her ostomy bag marked the start of the Coloplast business. Since then Coloplast has expanded their product offerings to include continence care, surgical urology, wound care and skin care.

Because Coloplast offers products that deliver assistance to medical conditions most consider extremely private, trust and integrity are at the forefront of their business practices. Coloplast strives to educate people about their treatment options and help them feel more comfortable discussing their conditions.

Aeroflow Healthcare offers Coloplast catheters such as the SpeediCath. All Coloplast catheters are made with polished eyelets to ensure catheterization is smooth, safe and reduces risk of urethral damage. We proudly provide these products knowing that they can make a positive difference in consumer’s lives.

Coloplast is also committed to protecting the environment. They’ve created corporate goals to reduce CO2 emissions and practice corporate responsibility. Voted one of the world’s most ethical companies in 2012 by Ethisphere, they’ve proved to be a trusted provider, employer and product developer.

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