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CAIRE Medical provides advanced oxygen therapy systems and is a global leader of portable oxygen concentrators, stationary concentrators and oxygen delivery systems. If you are in need of a reliable oxygen concentrator, CAIRE offers several different styles that can supply the oxygen you need for healthy and efficient therapy.

For portability, consider the SeQual Equinox portable oxygen concentrator. This lightweight device delivers both pulse dose and continuous oxygen, so if your needs change during the course of therapy, the SeQual will be there to meet you where you are. The device lasts almost 6 hours on battery power, so it's the perfect choice for anyone who leads a busy, active lifestyle.

The AirSep Focus is another popular POC and is the lightest and smallest concentrator on the market. At only 1.7 pounds, the AirSep Focus delivers pulse oxygen equivalent to 2 liters of oxygen per minute. This machine is great for active users who want to maintain their lifestyle without a heavy machine weighing them down.

Aeroflow also carries all the CAIRE accessories you might need along the way. We have desktop chargers, battery packs and battery cases so you can find everything you need in one place! If you're looking for increased portability, be sure to check out the AirSep FreeStyle 3/5 Portable Oxygen Concentrator backpack, which attaches to the carrying case for the FreeStyle 3 and 5 concentrators. With any questions, feel free to give our team a call! We are happy to help you find exactly what you are looking for.

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