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“Attends offers diverse products to fit the lifestyles and needs of a wide range of individuals – all ages, activity levels and stages of incontinence.”

Attends has been a leading incontinence product developer and manufacturer for 35 years. After becoming the first body-worn disposable brief to be marketed and sold in North America, Attends continued to provide exceptional support to the incontinent community and is now an industry leader. Through education and innovation they’ve played a major role in normalizing incontinence conversations. Reducing the stigma associated with this topic has helped many people gain access to incontinence products.

Attends is in control of their entire production line, allowing them to use only the highest quality materials and research the latest absorbency technologies. The company is constantly striving to provide top notch products to consumers, which is why they are consistently researching, running lab tests and utilizing clinical trials. Attends is a driven company that is dedicated to giving consumers their freedom and confidence back.

Attends diapers and briefs employ numerous advanced technology features to ensure comfort, leak protection and odor protection. Their incontinence products are made with triple leak protection, breathable fabric and odor shields. For usability and comfort, products are exceptionally soft, have tear-away sides and are secure around the legs and waist. Attends is a trusted brand dedicated to supporting patients as they navigate life with incontinence issues.

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