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Urinary incontinence is the uncontrollable leaking of urine in both men and women. This is an extremely common problem that millions of Americans face. There are many factors that lead to incontinence: aging is a very common factor in incontinence as are some types of medication, as well as high blood pressure and diabetes.

For women, incontinence sometimes follows pregnancy, and the risk increases with the number of children a women has. This is also true for women experiencing menopause. For men, incontinence can often be influenced by prostate problems. There are many health factors that can influence incontinence and overactive bladder, so be sure to seek the correct treatment for symptoms and lifestyle.

Covidien is a popular brand that supplies dignified, discreet, underwear-like disposable diapers for moderate to heavy incontinence protection. SureCare Underwear has a cloth-like backing for comfort, tear-away sides offer easy removal and the poly-fresh polymer core offers optimum absorbency and odor control. This underwear is disposable and unisex, and is available in sizes ranging from small to extra large.

For light incontinence, try Covidien’s Moderate Absorbency Bladder Control Pads. These pads feature super absorbent polymers for maximum fluid retention. The pads are smaller than the underwear style: they are designed to keep the skin dry and comfortable without the bulkiness of a brief.

Disposable briefs are also available in bariatric sizes, with heavy duty panels allowing improved stretching for maximum protection. Breathable panels keep the skin cool and dry, while the super absorbent core works to quickly lock in fluid. Attends also supplies bariatric underwear that is designed to fit any body, with improved side panels that are now even softer with more stretch and twice the breathability.

For relief while in bed, Covidien offers Durasorb Disposable Underpads, which can be used over a chair or as a bed cover. Durasorb pads are spunbond nonwoven topsheets that transfer fluid quickly into a fluff core which provides incontinence protection for the underpad and maintains patient comfort. We also supply McKesson disposable underpads, which feature a super absorbent polymer that locks wetness away and reduces pH of urine for advanced odor control and skin wellness.

Don’t let incontinence get in the way of your everyday life- find a solution that suits your lifestyle today! With any questions, call our team of experts to discuss options, and don’t forget to check into our blog to see the latest news and updates on our products, including incontinence supplies.

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