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Back Braces

Aeroflow Healthcare provides only the best back braces offering the highest quality support to our patients. Aspen, Delco and Core International Products incorporate materials that increase the longevity of your brace for extended use. The braces are designed to be effective in pain relief while providing wearable comfort.

Aspen braces employ advanced technology that supports the lumbar region with pull tabs for easy adjustment. The pull tabs create a onesize fits all brace that supports people with waist sizes from 24”-70”. Adjustable side panels offer additional lumbar support and targeted pain relief.

Delco braces also offer a one size fits all solution with support for waist sizes 25”-50”. Many Delco braces offer a split anterior panel, allowing the front of the brace to properly align with the abdomen. This creates a far more comfortable brace. Easily adjust the pulley system for controlled compression in target areas.

Core International Products offers braces with advanced features to maintain proper compression on the back. Many braces include dual elastic side pulls and supportive backing elements to ensure proper compression. The braces resist rolling on the edges and use the patented CorEdge® Finish around the top and bottom edges for additional comfort.

Browse Aeroflow Healthcare’s offering of back braces here, or give us a call at 1-866-298-6482 to learn more!

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