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Product Feature: Jazzy Sport Portable

The Jazzy Sport Portable power chair by Pride Mobility delivers a reliable blend of power, performance and portability.  Who doesn’t want a chair that can break down? Who doesn’t want a chair that can be taken with you on family outings? Who wants a power chair that can fit in the car easily without a ramp or lift? If you want to take your power wheelchair with you where you go this is the chair for you.

The Sport offers front-wheel drive technology that gives it excellent stability and maneuverability while still having a simple disassemble process. This chair stands out to many patients because it is much lighter than some of the other mobility products on the market. The base is able to come apart into to pieces and the batteries come out which makes the weight of the base much easier to transport.

Pride Mobility has been in business for 20 plus years and Aeroflow Healthcare proudly distributes many of their Jazzy chair line. We continue to value the relationship we have with Pride Mobility and keep getting wonderful feedback on their power devices. Since both Pride and Drive have such a great selection of mobility aids, it is important to know the different features of each chair so you pick the one that best meets your medical needs.

Product Feature: Jazzy Sport Portable

Main Key Features of the Sport Portable:

  • Easy disassembly for convenient transport
  • In-line, front-wheel drive technology
  • 40 amp, PG GC 3 controller
  • Simple main frame design for easy serviceability

Important Specifications

Weight Capacity 300 lbs.
Turning Radius 25.5″
Maximum Speed* Up to 4 mph
Ground Clearance 1.5″
Front Wheels 3″ solid anti-tips
Drive Wheels 9″ solid
Rear Wheels 6″ solid casters
Drivetrain Two-motor, in-line, front-wheel drive
Base Weight Front: 47.6 lbs.
Rear: 21 lbs.
Standard Seat Weight 43 lbs

 What users are saying about the Sport!

“ It’s easy to get around inside the home”

“ Doesn’t take too much time to take apart”

“Power and durability; also portability”

“I find everything about it great”

How do get the Sport through Insurance

As you can see, the Jazzy Sport Portable is a great option for individuals who are looking for a chair to take with them. Many worry about the cost but Aeroflow Healthcare can help you qualify for this device at little-to-no cost to you through insurance.

To find out if you qualify, simply complete our Qualify Through Insurance form. Once submitted, one of our Patient Care Representatives will work to verify your insurance and will contact you within 3-5 business days to discuss your coverage and mobility aid options. You can also give us a call at 844-686-5539; one of our representatives will be happy to answer any questions or concerns that you may have.

Take control of your mobility today, and let Aeroflow Healthcare take care of the hard part for you!

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