Customize Your Power Chair or Scooter with Accessories

Using a power wheelchair or scooter does not mean you have to give up on small comforts of life. If you or a loved one uses a power wheelchair, you know how important it can be to customize the chair to fit your lifestyle. If you spend a lot of time in your wheelchair or scooter, having the basics will not always cut it, and purchasing some accessories can greatly improve your quality of life while using mobility equipment. Aeroflow Healthcare carries a wide selection of different accessories that can be added to your scooter or power wheelchair.

Comfort Accessories

Many wheelchair users find that they need a place to store their items while out and about in their power chair or scooter. Choosing a basket for your mobility equipment like a front basket or a rear basket for scooters, or a rear basket for power wheelchairs will give you the freedom to carry the items you need wherever you may go.

If you plan to be out during the hot summer months, a cup holder will allow you to keep a refreshing beverage on you at all times. Selecting a small add-on item may not seem like a big deal, but it can make a huge difference when you are using your chair or scooter.

Safety Accessories

While some power wheelchair and scooter accessories are about comfort, others are about safety and security. A wheelchair seatbelt can be used with most wheelchairs and provides added security for users while in their wheelchair. Another security measure that many do not consider is a backup battery charger. Having an extra charger will ensure that your power chair or scooter stays fully charged no matter where you are.

Fit Your Lifestyle & Budget

Customizing your scooter or power wheelchair with accessories allows you to add features that make you more comfortable when using your equipment. Many accessories provide freedom and convenience, while others lend a feeling of security and peace of mind. Being in a wheelchair does not mean giving up your independence. Choose Aeroflow Healthcare for your mobility needs to find power chairs, scooters and accessories specially designed to keep you on the move.

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