Power Soccer: Overcoming the Odds

Power Soccer: Overcoming the Odds

By: Madeline Jaekle

With the rapid advances in medical technology, presently, we see an overwhelming chance for people stricken by health hardships to overcome the related obstacles with greater and greater success. This is especially true for those individuals struck by severe immobilizing illnesses, such as spina bifida, a life long battle starting at birth or paraplegia caused by degenerative diseases like multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, or cerebral palsy. These diagnoses once indicated a bleak future with little chance for the individual afflicted to ever be able to participate in the rejuvenating physical activities we all enjoy that require the use of the entire body. This bleak future, however, is quickly becoming a thing of the past.

With the help of power scooters and other powered mobility devices, such as those provided by Aeroflow Healthcare, individuals now have the chance to participate in sports and games that many thought they could not. One of the fastest growing examples of this is the growing trend of power soccer.
Played indoors, power soccer allows those stricken by paralysis to feel the rush of a high paced soccer match, despite their inability to use the lower or upper half of their body. Power soccer allows individuals who suffer with mobility problems to regain their since of power and control as they come together as a team to enjoy the sport of power soccer.

The players of power soccer use modified wheel chairs to direct the soccer ball up and down the court to their desired goal. Power soccer has gained so much notoriety and popularity that recently power soccer players have organized an array of power soccer tournaments across the country.

Power soccer is the first example of a power wheelchair being modified and designed specifically to accommodate a competitive team sport. Played indoors, power soccer uses a modified playing field and ball to conduct the match. For power soccer players who have little use of their upper body, powered wheel chairs are a precious piece of equipment that allows them to enjoy the experiences many people take for granted.

The modified power wheel chairs used in power soccer use state of the art technology that allows power soccer players to have speed and agility that may in fact match or rival that of their physically capable counterparts. Power soccer tournaments go all the way to the national level and there is no signs that power soccer popularity will be fading any time soon. For power soccer players, power wheel chairs, allow them to regain a piece of life that many power soccer players afflicted by immobilizing diseases believed to be lost forever.

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