OSA Increases Risk of Motor Vehicle Accidents

“Why am I always so tired?”  You or someone you know could be commonly asking this question. Obstructive Sleep Apnea or OSA can cause an array of health concerns or issues, but did you know it frequently goes undiagnosed?  You could be suffering from it without even realizing it.   It should also be noted sleep apnea can not only affect your health, but also your safety as it is frequently involved in motor vehicle accidents.

Daytime fatigue or chronic sleep loss from OSA can be more than just an inconvenience.  Sleep debt can cause us to suffer in our performance at work, relationships, and overall well-being.  Its no surprise that your body needs sleep!  Driving under these conditions can be dangerous to the individual, those riding with them, and those sharing the road with them.  Some studies suggest that driving during exhaustion or fatigue can impair you more than consuming alcohol while driving.  So this means an individual could be putting their self and others in dangerous without even realizing they have a medical condition.  Did you know that Aeroflow offers free initial overnight sleep testing?  You can even take the test in the comfort of your own home!

The logistics or trucking industry has also begun to pay more attention to this.  Undiagnosed sleep apnea could not only become a huge liability due to motor vehicle accidents, but also risk the safety and lives of their employees.  Aeroflow has become a resource for shedding light on this dilemma and providing solutions to make sure the roads are safer in the trucking industry.  We work with many companies to ensure their drivers are healthy and are receiving the quality care they need to not only perform well at work, but promote a healthy and happy lifestyle.

Traditionally patients would be required to stay overnight at a sleep center.  Depending on location, this could entail traveling and taking time away from work.  They would then be in a strange sleep lab with a multitude of sensors, wires, and observation instruments rendering the patient completely out of their element.  Some people have trouble sleeping without their favorite pillow or if they are forced out of their routine, how could one expect to get a good night’s rest in these conditions?  The solution is home sleep testing.  It is non-invasive, simple, and way more affordable then paying to stay overnight in a sleep lab.  The patient can take the test in the comfort of their own home for a fraction of the price.  Do you feel like you may have sleep apnea?  You may be surprised what you find.

For any additional questions about how OSA can put you at a higher risk of motor vehicle accidents or how to get started with an in home sleep test, give Aeroflow Healthcare at 888-345-1780!

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