Tomy Quiet Expressions Breast Pump

New Pump : Tomy Quiet Expressions

Aeroflow Healthcare Breastpumps is now offering a new pump, Tomy Quiet Expressions. This product is an affordable way to help support your commitment to full term breastfeeding.

The Tomy Quiet Expressions is a double electric breast pump designed to be just as the name suggests, quiet.  It weighs under two pounds and its unique handle allows for dual expression with just one hand!  Tomy Quiet Expressions features eight suction level settings for suction speed customization, and offers power supply flexibility too.  This breast pump allows you to plug into an electrical outlet while also offering mobility with rechargeable battery power functionality.  The Tomy Quiet Expressions breast pump is a digital product featuring a back lit screen and also has the capacity to store up to ten pumping sessions!

The package contents include an adorable black canvas tote bag with five interior pockets as well for the containment of pumping and personal essentials, making this option perfect for the mother on the go!  If you elect for the Tomy Quiet Expressions double electric breast pump you’ll also get two 40 oz. GumDrop bottles with slow flow nipples and storage lids.  The 90 day manufacturer warranty will ensure you get a great start to your full term breastfeeding journey.  To view more specifics about this new double electric breast pump now offered through Aeroflow Breastpumps click here.

Did you know that you can own a double electric breast pump like the Tomy Quiet Expressions without any cost to you?  It’s true, most insurance policies offer coverage for breastfeeding equipment and supplies to include double electric breast pumps when acquired from a Durable Medical Equipment (DME) provider like Aeroflow Breastpumps.

To learn if you qualify for a double electric breast pump through insurance simply click here, and submit your details for specific plan benefit evaluation.  Completing the online application only takes a few moments, and you can expect to be contacted within five business days to learn if you can own a double electric breast pump through insurance.

Aeroflow Breastpumps offers more than breast pumps!  Visit the Aeroflow Mom and Baby online store for pumping accessories and supplies as well as other essentials that are sure to support your breastfeeding commitment!  Aeroflow Healthcare prides themselves on excellent customer support and is backed by their A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.  Why go anywhere else to get a breast pump when your friends at Aeroflow Healthcare Breastpumps have everything you need!


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