National Distracted Driving Awareness Month

April is National Distracted Driving Awareness Month. For many Americans, this will mean being especially mindful of texting and general smartphone use while driving. However, one aspect of being an undistracted driver that often falls by the wayside is driving while sufficiently rested and alert. A driver who is sleep deprived or drowsy can be just as dangerous as one whose attention is completely preoccupied by their phone. Nowhere is this more precaution more important to personal and public safety than in commercial truck drivers. And there is no more effective treatment for distracted driving resulting from fatigue and decreased awareness than CPAP therapy.

National Distracted Driving Awareness month is all about bringing attention to topics which may go overlooked in the course of daily life, but are nonetheless incredibly important to personal and public safety. Spending long hours on the road, often alone, and driving large and complicated pieces of machinery, it is essential to the health and professional life of truck drivers to make sure they are getting restful sleep whenever possible. Because of this fact, many trucking companies now require that their drivers be tested for obstructive sleep apnea. If drivers are found to have apnea, they will be required to utilize CPAP therapy to assist with treating their apnea. CPAP therapy has made a great deal of advancement in recent years, but it can still be a big lifestyle and habit adjustment for many patients.

The often mobile lifestyle of many commercial truck drivers can make proper utilization of CPAP therapy even more of an adjustment. In honor of National Distracted Driving Awareness Month, Aeroflow Healthcare would like to offer some important tips for commercial truck drivers utilizing CPAP therapy. One of the most common problems that truck drivers face in utilizing CPAP therapy is properly maintaining their supplies. Given that a large part of a truck driver’s week will be spent inside their truck, it can be difficult to properly clean and maintain their mask and CPAP machine in the way that someone might when they are at home every night with easy access to their personal sink and cleaning supplies. For cleaning CPAP supplies and masks, Aeroflow Healthcare recommends Contour’s CPAP Mask Wipes. These convenient cleaning wipes come in both easy dispensing canisters and individual size packets for travel use. They utilize a plant-based, chemical and alcohol free formula to safely disinfect your mask and supplies, without causing breakdown of supplies and without any dangerous chemicals to inhale. By properly cleaning and disinfecting masks, tubing, and other CPAP supplies, truck drivers can increase the effectiveness of their treatment, improve their health, and make sure their supplies stay at optimum quality as long as possible.

Additionally, commercial truck drivers may find it difficult to obtain a comfortable sleeping position for their mask when often sleeping in the sleeper cab of their truck. Contour also provides a specially designed sleep apnea pillow. Contour’s CPAPMax Pillow provides additional support and comfort options for all patients. Truck drivers sleeping in a smaller space with less options to maneuver their equipment will find the built in hose tether to be of great benefit. The specially placed mask cutouts and support areas will allow for both side and back sleeping patients to comfortably sleep so that their mask is stable and secure, reducing leaks and aiding with compliance. By keeping compliance at required levels, truck drivers will ensure that all their industry requirements are met, as well as improving their health and quality of life.

National Distracted Driving Awareness Month is an important time to reflect on what we can all do to make our roads a safer place for everyone that shares them. Though CPAP use may be a lifestyle adjustment for commercial truck drivers, with proper education and assistance, it can also be a tremendous benefit professionally and personally. For all your CPAP needs and concerns, contact Aeroflow Healthcare today to speak to one of our trained trucking and industrial representatives about how to improve your treatment.

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