5 Mistakes that Worsen Your Back Pain

Back pain can be managed through several treatment options

When your life is forced to slow down due to back pain, you will do just about anything to get it back to normal again. However, there are things that you may be doing that you may not realize is making your back pain worse.

Waiting too long to visit a doctor

We all know that life can get crazy and we ignore our own health while we work hard to provide for others. It is important to remember that your back pain may not go away on its own. It is important to make an appointment to see a doctor or chiropractor if you feel like your back pain has lasted just a little too long.

Refusing to see a back pain specialist

Your primary care physician or general practitioner may be able to help with routine back pain issues. However, they are not trained in spine medicine. This makes it much more difficult for them to pinpoint more complicated issues. Ask your doctor for a referral if your back pain continues to persist even after several weeks of treatment.

Rushing into surgery

While it may seem logical that the worst back pain is handled using surgery, it is important to explore all your nonsurgical options first. If your back pain is due to a problem with your physical anatomy, surgery may be recommended to relieve the situation. However, most other back pain issues are best treated with long-term physical therapy, exercise or a back brace. If you need a back brace to treat your pain, be sure to check with Aeroflow to see if you qualify for a back brace covered through your insurance or Medicare!

Depending too much on imaging results

It is important to remember the imaging results from an MRI or CT scan are not able to measure pain. As a matter of fact, it is possible for all your scans to be normal yet still have difficulty getting out of bed in the morning. Only a skilled physician is able to utilize results from a scan in combination with a physical exam to create an appropriate treatment plan.

Lack of exercise or movement

It is normal for your doctor to recommend several days of bed rest for the acute pain. However, lack of movement beyond a few days may make your back pain worse. Your back and supporting muscles need to remain limber so that you can move properly. This is why many specialists will recommend back braces covered by Medicare or back braces through insurance. The purpose of the back brace is to help you limit your lower back movement while gently moving your body into the appropriate position so as not to make your back pain worse.

Aeroflow recommends a number of high-quality back braces including brands like Aspen and Delco. If you want to know how you can get your back brace through insurance or Medicaid, call our customer service representatives at 888-627-2159 so you can find out how you can begin to relieve your back pain sooner rather than later.

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