Make the most of your doctor’s appointment

Insurance payers, especially Medicare, have a long list of specific needs that must be fulfilled in order to provide a patient with a power wheelchair or scooter through insurance. These needs include a face-to-face meeting with your doctor, specific chart notes, and an assortment of medical paperwork that must be filled out. While this process can seem daunting and overwhelming, Aeroflow Healthcare is here to walk you through the process and help ensure that you get the mobility equipment you need.

In order to make the most of your doctor’s appointment and expedite the process, fill out our Qualify Through Insurance form to get started and talk to Aeroflow Healthcare before your appointment so we can help to inform your doctor of what your meeting will be about and what will be required.

How you can help your doctor 

One of the first steps along this process is to meet with your doctor and have a face-to-face meeting, or an evaluation. This evaluation will help your doctor write your prescription and fill out the crucial notes that your insurance requires. Make sure you bring the subject of your mobility needs to your doctor, they are seeing many patients throughout the day, and may not think of it themselves at that moment. Make sure you describe in detail why you need a power wheelchair in your home, and explain why you cannot use other mobility assistive devices such as a walker, cane, or manual wheelchair. Your doctor will need to make specific notes regarding this conversation. Leave nothing out and make sure to give honest statements.

Make sure your doctor is ready

Over the past few years, the process and requirements to get a power wheelchair have become much stricter and more difficult. Make sure your doctor is aware of these changes and ready to help you throughout the process, difficult paperwork and all. Aeroflow Healthcare is ready and happy to work with your doctor to help ensure that all of their notes are accurate and to the extent that your insurance payer requires.

Objective measurements

One of the main things your mobility evaluation will consist of is your doctor taking strength measurements, range of motion measurements, and other similar tests to support why you can’t use other equipment besides the power chair. This is extremely important and must be included in the office notes from your appointment. So, if your doctor does not measure your strength then request that they do so. If they have questions about this then refer them to the office notes guidelines that Aeroflow has faxed ahead of your appointment or have them call Aeroflow Healthcare.

Make sure your doctor has the paperwork

Your supplier is going to fax your doctor all the paperwork they need to complete to help you get your power chair covered by your insurance company. Before your appointment, it could be helpful to call your doctor’s office and confirm that they have the necessary paperwork. Also, Aeroflow Healthcare can supply you with a copy of the paperwork as well. That way, both you and your doctor can walk through the requirements together and ensure that all proper documentation is noted.


While it is ultimately up to your doctor, your insurance, and Aeroflow Healthcare to provide you with your power wheelchair or scooter through insurance, you can help the process immensely by properly informing yourself of the process and helping your doctor.

If you have any additional questions about this process or want to discuss your mobility needs, please call Aeroflow Healthcare at 844-686-5539 and speak to a representative.


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