Lumbar Support Options

Whether you sit in a wheelchair, a desk chair, or you stand at work for long hours each day, you could be suffering from lower back pain. Adequate lumbar support could be a key factor in pain relief and general improvement in posture, which also contributes to pain relief. Lumbar support can be provided in a number of ways such as exercise, better postural practices, cushions for your desk chair, or a lumbar support back brace.

Exercises for back pain

There are a number of exercises and stretches that you can perform to ease back pain and strengthen your lumbar region.  You can find some of these exercises and tips for easing back pain in many of Aeroflow Healthcare’s past blog posts. These types of exercise do not have to be strenuous, and many of them don’t even require tennis shoes. Stretching and keeping the muscles of your back loose and flexible helps a great deal with increasing lumbar support. Maintaining good posture is also an essential element in reducing back pain.

Cushions for relief

You can also find fun gadgets that can provide lumbar support and assist in good posture while in your wheelchair or at your desk at work, such as these cushions for your wheelchair from Drive Medical. These foam inserts can be placed snugly against the back of a chair and provide lumbar support by mimicking the natural curvature of your spine. This cushion allows you to sit comfortably in a chair of your choice but also demands proper posture. It bubbles out to provide support for your lower back by decreasing weight which can be a consequence of incorrect sitting. The reduction of extra weight reduces strain on your lower back and therefore reduces pain. Sitting with correct posture can be a bit uncomfortable at first, but ultimately it will improve your back pain.

Back braces for support and comfort

Finally, there is the most obvious choice for lumbar support, the back brace. Aeroflow carries several different types of back braces to help specifically target your area of pain. Back braces are excellent assistive devices used to help those with mild to moderate back pain. They provide lumbar support for those who experience back pain from everyday activities and for those who are undergoing physical therapy for recovery of accident or injury.

Lumbar support is crucial to spine heath. Keeping your lower back in the correct form can reduce pain instantly and continued and the correct use of devices such as the foam back cushion or back braces can eliminate back pain almost completely.

If you experience back pain and exercise alone hasn’t helped, Aeroflow Bracing can help you find a back brace or other assistive device to reduce your pain. You may also Qualify Through Insurance for your lumbar assistive device through insurance at little-to-no cost to you. If you have questions about sizes or fit give Aeroflow Healthcare a call at 888-627-2159 and speak with one of our representatives today!

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