Lumbar Support Back Braces

A lumbar support back brace is a piece of medical equipment that is used to provide support for your lower back. Lumbar support back braces are the most commonly used type of back brace on the market, mainly because the lumbar region is most susceptible to injury.  

Types of braces

There are multiple types of back braces, usually worn between the bottom of your ribcage and your hip bone. Most of the time they are strapped around your lumbar/lower back by Velcro® straps.  This portion of your back is the strongest and most flexible. It is also the section of your spine that bears the majority of your body weight, which makes it an extremely vital part of your body that needs to be kept in good condition.

Using a lumbar support brace

Lumbar support back braces are often worn to avoid injury. For jobs that require a lot of lifting and twisting, back braces can be very useful. Many labor workers are required to do heavy lifting and bending from the back, which can cause pain that may be alleviated by a lumbar support back brace.

Other types of medical conditions that may require a lumbar back brace for relief from pain are:

  • Chronic lower back pain
  • Herniated disk in the lumbar region
  • Surgery or injury to the L1-L5 vertebrae
  • Spinal stenosis
  • Osteoarthritis

How long do you need to wear a lumbar support brace?

A lumbar support back brace may be used short-term or long-term, by those that are young and active as well as those that are aging with restriction to core mobility.

Most individuals that suffer from moderate to severe lower back pain think that only medication, injections and surgery are the only answer to this bothersome problem. However, a lumbar support back brace is a convenient, non-invasive solution that you may not have considered before. Back braces can be worn underneath or over your clothing and with a wide variety of options ranging from basic wrap around models to more supportive models that come with shoulder straps.

If you have any questions about treating lower back pain with a back brace give us a call at 888-627-2159, we have specialists that are waiting to assist you with obtaining the perfect back brace to meet your needs.

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