Knee Brace Benefits

Knee braces serve as extra supports to benefit someone with an injured knee. Many people wear a knee brace to prevent knee injuries during sports or activities and others wear braces after injury or surgery to protect against further injury and add additional support. Aeroflow carries many different types of knee braces so that you can select the best fit for your injury.

Wraparound knee braces

For someone with minor pain and injuries, a wraparound knee brace will give you added support without feeling too constricting. Its design is suitable for weak or injured knees and it offers a more comfortable design with no pinching.

Hinged knee braces for sturdy support

For someone who suffers from more extreme pain or injury or for someone who requires more intense support, the Delco ROM Hinged Knee Brace is what you are looking for. This brace provides exceptional support with its adjustable limit extension that can be adjusted to the correct degree setting for your specific needs. The mesh design of the Delco ROM Hinged Knee Brace offers support, compression, and warmth to your injured knee and the adjustable hinges will allow you to customize the fit to your size.

Knee sleeves offer comfort

Regularly wearing a knee brace can become uncomfortable. Using a sleeve can take your knee brace to the next level of comfort. The suspension sleeve is designed to be worn underneath any knee brace and adds comfort by reducing the possibility of skin irritation. The sleeve is a great addition for anyone wearing a brace and can help reduce abrasion, prevent rashes, reduce moisture, reduce migration of the brace, and it is washable to keep you feeling fresh!

How Aeroflow can help you get a brace

A knee brace is a great option for anyone with current knee pain or injury or for anyone who wants to prevent future injuries. Braces will work for either leg and can be worn during activity. Having the added support and stability of a knee brace will help you feel more comfortable and secure. Call or visit Aeroflow Bracing today to get started with your new knee brace.

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