Kinwolfe Designing Clothes For Breastfeeding and Beyond

By Jennifer Jordan

Historically speaking; breastfeeding clothing is not the most fashionable.  One company is aiming to change that.  The Kinwolfe collection which launched on Kickstarter November 18, 2014 aims to provide confident, contemporary breastfeeding clothing.  Kinwolfe’s first collection is made from 100% silk.  Diane Lansinger, Founder and CEO of Kinwolfe notes ‘I chose silk because it’s one of the most durable, natural fibers.  Our pieces drape beautifully against the body in a comfortable way.’

The current collection available on Kickstarter has lightweight, invisible zippers hidden in front.  The extra-long zippers are designed to make is easy to nurse or pump.  The collection is absolutely beautiful featuring thoughtful draping to flatter any new mother’s body and will flatter her changing shape.  Lansinger says ‘One thing a lot of women struggle with after they have a baby is fit, we when through fifteen fit adjustments to get it right.  Our pieces are designed for a new mom’s changing shape.  You can wear them right after delivery, and they’ll look great at your desk too.’  There are both solid and floral print top and dresses as well as a really great jumpsuit in solid colors.

Kinwolfe’s collection is designed to be investment pieces a woman would want to wear even when she is done breastfeeding. When asked what inspired the line; Lansinger who is a mom of two you kids says ‘when I had my first child and started breastfeeding, I was shocked at the difference between what already hung in my closet and what was out there for breastfeeding.  And I did a lot of nursing on the go; at childcare drop-off and pick-up, out to dinner, in the backseat of my car…So I needed breastfeeding clothing I could wear anywhere.’

Kinwolfe was launched via Kickstarter to raise capital for production and Kinwolfe’s own e-commerce site.  Lansinger says ‘New moms are a powerful community, and we hope our beautiful clothing will inspire them to help get the word out about Kinwolfe’

As of today Kinwolfe is at $12,077 of their $35,000 Kickstarter goal.  The project will only be funded if at least $35,000 is pledged by Thurs, Dec 25, 2014.  As a breastfeeding other I am rooting for Kinwolfe to reach their Kickstarter goal and storm the market with their gorgeous clothing.

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