Jobs that Require a Sleep Test

Are you currently working interested in the trucking or logistics industry? Many companies now require drivers to have a sleep apnea screening. Sleep apnea often goes undiagnosed in both this industry and in people in general. This can pose a risk to your personal health, but also others as sleep apnea can become fatal behind the wheel. Aeroflow Healthcare is currently working with this industry to make sure employees are receiving proper care and keeping our roads safe.

Sleep Testing for Jobs

The Department of Transportation (or DOT) requires a physical for drivers to obtain a commercial driver’s license. Whether you are a truck driver or not, there are certain physical attributes that make an individual more likely to have sleep apnea. A high Body Mass Index (or BMI) or a large neck circumference are some of the indicators. If any of these are present on an applicant, the employer may require an apnea screening. This is good for both the employee and employer.

You may find out that you do have sleep apnea and are wondering how it will affect your job. Luckily, more people are thriving in the work environment than ever and not allowing an apnea to hold them back. CPAP therapy has become more convenient than ever with advancements in portable machines. Also, a wide array of masks to fit any facial structure makes therapy easier.

Sleep Therapy Usage

Your employer will probably require the usage on your machine to be monitored because they are helping pay some or all the therapy costs. Aeroflow makes this painless for both parties, as their Compliance team can streamline this process, like they do with other companies. Traditionally, an SD card would exchange through the mail, but Aeroflow offers wireless modems to monitor compliance.

No matter what industry you are in, sleep apnea is a serious condition and you may be affected by it without realizing it. Did you know that Aeroflow offers a free initial screening? Sleep apnea could explain your excessive tiredness and daytime fatigue. Speak with your doctor today! Aeroflow Healthcare has already helped thousands of patients obtain a previously unprecedented good night’s rest. Aeroflow is also a preferred provider with many major insurance carriers. Get started today at

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