sleep apnea in babies

Importance of an Apnea Monitor

When most people think of sleep apnea, they think of obstructive sleep apnea or specifically sleep apnea in adults, but did you know that it can also occur in infants?  Sleep apnea is typically associated with obesity and sometimes genetic issues.  Complications with newborns can also cause the child to quit breathing while sleeping and cause an array of different issues for both the baby and parents.  These situations have created a need for an apnea monitor to concentrate on these conditions in infants and require a different approach than sleep apnea in adults.

The phenomenon we know as “sleep” has been studied by scientists extensively as what were previously mysteries are now being explained with modern technology and research.  An individual may not have any breathing issues or complications during waking hours, but this may not be the case when sleeping.  Things like obesity, a larger neck, or aging can cause us to literally quit breathing in our sleep.  Daytime fatigue, chronic sleep loss, and even death can occur during these pauses of respiratory activity.  It also depletes the body’s oxygen levels which can also lead to a variety of complications.  These adult conditions can also affect infants.

Sleep Apnea Monitor for Infants

A common way to remedy sleep apnea in adults is through a CPAP or BIPAP, but these machines are not practical for a baby.  An apnea monitor allows the parents to monitor and track different parameters while the baby is sleeping to prevent critical and sometimes lethal complications.  The apnea monitor tracks things like a baby’s heart rate and the amount of time between breaths.  A limit is placed on the machine for both high and low heart rate as well as delay or pauses between breathing. The machine  The data is also stored on the machine to allow a physician to monitor the results over time to see if the issues are reoccurring or the infant has “outgrown” them.

Ailments such as Gastroesophageal reflux (GERD) or complications from prematurity can cause choking spells or cyanosis which is discoloring from lack of oxygen to occur while the infant is asleep.  A baby could also have an older sibling that was a victim of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) and have an apnea monitor prescribed as a precaution.  The machine allows both parents and doctors to treat conditions that would otherwise go unnoticed and prevent tragic events from occurring.  Does your newborn present any symptoms while sleeping that concern you?  Talk to your doctor today if you think your baby might need an apnea monitor.

For further questions about sleep apnea in infants or apnea monitors through insurance, call 888-345-1780 and our knowledgeable representatives can help you today!

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