How Your Diet Can Ease Your Back Pain

Many causes of back pain extend beyond the normal bad posture, incorrect lifting techniques, and aging.  Back pain can oftentimes also be caused by stress, lack of exercise, and surprisingly, your diet. But how can what you eat relate back to your back pain?

One of the main culprits of extended back pain is inflammation. Inflammation is the body’s natural response to invaders in our body, such a virus. However, sometimes our body can attack its own healthy tissue, which results in inflammation of the tissue. Inflammation can result in muscle and joint stiffness which leads to the feeling of pain. There are billions and billions of tiny nerves located around your spine, making the spinal region a common area for pain to occur.

According to an article on, there are certain foods that can actually work to increase inflammation in our bodies. These foods include fast foods, processed foods, and foods that are high in saturated fats. It is suggested that preservatives in packaged foods can also contribute to pain-causing inflammation. Consuming the aforementioned products are not recommended for living a healthy lifestyle, so it is a good idea to avoid them overall to maintain good health; an added bonus of a nutritious diet is reduced back pain.

Just as many foods can lead to increased back pain, there are various types of foods that can actually aid in reducing your back pain (Yes, eating can help ease pain!).

Foods that are recommended to help in reducing back pain are green leafy vegetables which are rich in anti-inflammatory agents. When choosing vegetables, chose brightly colored veggies; these are highest in these anti-inflammatory agents. Foods high in Omega 3’s such as fish like salmon and trout, are also encouraged for those following a diet to reduce back pain.

Not only can what we eat affect back pain but so can what we drink. To further assist in the reduction of back pain, you should restrict the amount of caffeine and alcohol you consume as both will contribute to inflammation. An exception is red wine, which can be consumed in moderation.

Natural teas and herbs are good to consume and can help reduce inflammation and pain. Another nutrient that should be abundant in your diet for is calcium. Drinking milk is a good additive to increase your calcium intake and assist in reducing back pain.

Along with good nutrition and a balanced diet, there are many lifestyle changes that can help reduce back pain, such as getting adequate sleep, exercise,  and even the use of assistive devices such as back braces. Be sure to check out Aeroflow’s selection of back braces. These braces can help to further aid in reducing your back pain when diet and other lifestyle changes aren’t enough.

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