How to Order Nebulizers and Spacers

One of the first questions that is often asked about nebulizers and spacers, especially on a consignment basis, is how does the ordering process work? Aeroflow Healthcare strives to make the ordering process as simple as possible to help you and your staff provide your patients with the supplies and medications they require. Below are some details needed to help write a nebulizer and spacer written order.

What to Expect

If you have nebulizers and spacers on consignment from Aeroflow, every device that is left at your office will have an order form in the box (nebulizers) or attached to the box (spacers), which will be product specific with the product name and individual serial number already on the form. Each of these order forms will have a four digit number attached to it as well that will specifically tell Aeroflow what office that order came from for inventory purposes.

The nebulizer and spacer order forms are very similar in regards to the information that is needed. On each form you will find the patients contact information, insurance information, specific ICD-9 code and diagnosis, and ordering physician information along with space to sign and date the order form. The only major difference is the area for the nebulizer medication form. If you do not want to fill in all of the patient’s contact information on the form, you can also print out a separate sheet of paper with the necessary information and attach it to the order form.

Two Spacers for the Price of One

One fact that is often unknown is that many insurances will cover the cost of two spacers annually for qualified patients, and patients do not need to qualify beyond the standard requirements to receive the additional device. If you have a patient who would like a second spacer, simply change the quantity on the written order from “1” to “2.” Many insurances will also cover a nebulizer along with a single or double spacer order.


Solving the Insurance Puzzle

Figuring out a patient’s insurance situation can be a time consuming process that distracts from your ability to help other patients. Aeroflow works with your staff and insurance providers to supply your patients with the devices they need.

Insurance providers need the complete order form filled out, so please make sure to provide all patient and doctor information along with the diagnosis on the order form. If the insurance provider rejects an order, it will come back to you to fill in the missing information. Aeroflow sales reps will look to ensure all relevant information is filled out on the order form when they pick them up, but they will still require a member of the office staff fill in any missing information before the order will be accepted by insurance.

For patients with high deductibles, Aeroflow provides payment options of $100 for pediatric and standard nebulizers, $125 for portable nebulizers, and $25 for spacers. Our representatives will work with your patient and their insurance provider to ensure that they are getting their supplies at the best price.

Find Out More

If you have any questions about writing a detailed order form for nebulizers, spacers, or other medical devices, please reach out to your individual sales representative, or call one of our customer service representatives at 888-345-1780. You can also visit our website at to find downloadable order forms for a number of different devices.

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